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I don’t usually do this sort of thing, but curiously, that sense of responsibility about the funding is actually changing my working practice. It will be interesting to see whether the changes remain once the project is finished and the money has run out!


I am establishing a more formal and sturdy pattern of review: I have suggested to Dan that half way through the  process of recording, after the March sessions, we have some time to review what we have done, with direct regard to the original Arts Council proposal, and also The Agreement, and the meeting we had, and recorded, right at the beginning. I want to make sure that I have touched all the points I wanted to, and those I am obliged to, before moving on. It would be disastrous to get to the end of our planned sessions and suddenly notice I’d missed something crucial!


So in this spirit of review, I am looking at what is evoked by the bras, and the songs. I want to make sure I hit all those points too… I would like to know that the things I see are also seen by the viewer… or maybe different but equally valid things?

The work still remains up from the open studio… This week I think I shall remove the drawings, paint over the wall I have written lyrics on, and supply paint pens for visitors to write on the wall any thoughts they have about it all. I shall hang up the next couple of bras too. I will plug the songs-so-far back into the speakers.


Maybe I should ask prompt questions?

Do you think not asking questions is better?

Will I get a whole load of “The bras are nice” comments if I don’t?


Who are these women?

What are their lives like?

What are they thinking about?

Who do they touch?


If you have any other ideas for questions, or answers, or if you are in the Midlands and would like to see, hear, and write on my wall, please get in touch… I have beverages and biscuits and bacon butties within easy reach.