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Today I got my first view of what’s been going on in the workshop in Roskilde.  My first impression: wow, it’s big!  Of course I knew it was going to be big, but it takes a moment to adjust to the new scale of things.  The steel had not been delivered yesterday, but the steel yard people promised it would be delivered later today.  Really hope so.

Meanwhile, the structure is taking shape.  I am still a bit worried about how the surfaces will look. Inevitably, being so big a number of plates of plywood have to be used, and by using the ‘coated’ plywood, what you gain in smoothness is offset somewhat by the more obvious joins between the plates.  Will have to hope that once they are sanded, and the paint goes on, it will start to look better than the shiny plywood coating which is so highly reflective that you can see every subtle shift of angle.   Still: I feel a hell of a lot better having seen what’s going on.  Seeing a Rick Astley sticker on the back windscreen of a van lifted my spirits: silly, but a nice distraction from the fact the steel hadn’t arrived.   The workshop is right in the lea of a magnificent waste disposal plant: a modern cathedral to rubbish…