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A headlong rush for the station today, grateful for my bike. I was literally working until the last minute. I tried a new route by train, which gives me an extra 25 minutes at both ends of the day, and avoids the stultifying heat of the buses. 

I’ve begun painting, which feels good. Definitely feel I am hitting my stride, finding those small ways of being more efficient in repetitive tasks that make such a difference. Am also now factoring two full working days in, which should help a lot. Radu, my husband, will collect Zach tomorrow, leaving work early bless him.  Still feel somewhat daunted by the task of finishing this all in two weeks, there are so many pieces of the jigsaw to juggle, but also that I’m starting to eat my way round the core (something I’m trying to teach Zach to do with apples so he doesn’t have to spit out the spiky bits).   Of eleven sections, six are underway now.