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After a welcome day’s break I got to the studio a bit later today, it being Sunday. I was very glad to see Friday’s paintwork looking fine and began sanding at the far end of the room, only to realise I should probably mask the painted ‘wings’ before rather than after sanding. That ended up taking several hours. They’re being masked primarily to protect the paintwork on the front when I graphite and glaze the back on Monday, but also with so much red dust in the air, to protect them from that.

Once I’d finally finished masking, I then pushed on with sanding.  Tiring work, since most of the panels are vertical, but glad to say they are all now done, even the strips which will be inserted around the edges of the main structure on site.  Just two are lying flat, so their undersides still remain unsanded. A lot to do tomorrow but feel I’m in quite a good place.

The weather today began wet and miserable clearing to a beautiful clear and sunny afternoon.  I am starting to eye the weather nervously. From May 29 we’ll be installing the sculpture, with all the final preparation and touching up that will require. Also for the show itself, we need good weather!