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Had to suppress a feeling of rising panic today as I tried to rescue another layer of undercoat which was dribbling and threatening to ruin the finish.  Limited time is making me rush things and that’s the consequence.  Not enough time to let filler dry properly before sanding leading to an insufficiently smooth surface which causes the paint applied from the paint gun to run.  Especially when working on vertical surfaces as I am now.

I had to allow myself a five minute full on PANIC,  then reassess.  I left the damaged surface for today: it needs to  be totally dry before I attempt to salvage it, and got on with two more panels.  It struck me that years of working to a deadline on radio programmes comes in handy at moments such as these.  I remember standing at the back of the live studio having to edit magnetic tape with razor blades for an item coming up in minutes.

I measured up for the freight man today, who’s meant to be coming on Monday, but I’m going to plead for an extension until Wednesday..