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I was so blasted after Saturday that I couldn’t even write a blog post on my way home.  It wasn’t hugely eventful, but I did (almost..just one coat on one side of one panel left to go) finish undercoating.   I was so glad to get out at 8.10pm and to go home knowing I would have the next day off.   Monday and Tuesday will be weekdays so less lonely.  I will have my work cut out still, and have already planned to spend the whole day on Tuesday to ease the pressure a little, but at least I know I am now on the final stage (of this part) – applying the top coat to the front side of each panel.

Then will come the transport day, loading the panels onto the lorry and on Friday 29th begins the installation.  That will be nail biting and I am already anticipating (nervously) the amount of retouching that will be necessary after cranes and goodness knows what are used on it..