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She’s gone…to Aarhus.   The very nice freight man turned up early, which was great.  He had an enormous truck, he had intended to collect another piece in Copenhagen but couldn’t actually get into the place so had plenty of room on the truck.  Lars was a dab hand with the fork lift truck, which looks little but can certainly lift a hefty weight and together the two of them manoeuvred the three pallets with all the sections onto the lorry.

As the lorry moved off I felt quite a surge of emotion, not to mention doubt as to whether it would all arrive intact, but told myself I had to trust the experts. I hope I would have heard by now if it had all ended in disaster.   All that was left in the workshop were the marks from my spray gun where I had gone along the lower edges of the panels.   With the space empty, the labour seemed a thing of the long distant past.  The joyful job of cleaning the floor will await me on Tuesday when I’m back from Aarhus.

I felt emotional tonight as well, at Zach’s bedtime.  Feeling guilt about leaving him for so long, I left him overnight once before (which in effect were two days for him because I got back after bedtime on the second day), but this will be four nights and five days.   He wanted me to put him to bed, I think he was a little upset by my being upset.  I’m glad I did, it helped me feel better. 

Tomorrow I leave on the midday bus for Aarhus.