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Probably the hardest day of the entire project so far, and yet one in which I must remember a lot did get done.  Hard for various reasons: it was physically long – I left the cabin at 7.15am and got back just now at nearly 10pm; it was frustrating since I was unable to contribute much myself so spent a lot of time seeing how much I would need to do but unable to start; the weather, which began fair but rapidly deteriorated into atrocious; and it was depressing both because I realise how far my Danish has to go, and because I see how hard it will be to do work that is anyway hard under these conditions.  The only sink and running water is a public portaloo which had a heroine addict ‘s bloody syringe on the floor today, there is no hot water, and the only way being offered of accessing the upper parts of the 4m high slanting sculpture which today was running with water is an ordinary ladder.  I feel guilty about leaving Zach for so long and worried I will not finish in time.  What was achieved today?  The main structure is up.