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In the past week, I have worked on my new series called Conflict. The idea is to connect the word ‘conflict’ to the real conversations. My idea to create series which highlights the conflict between the person and their emotions i.e. conflict between One self (selflove, selfcritique, etc.)
For now, I created two pictures, using my phone, tripod and myself that are responding to the conflict of self love. In the first picture with the words ,,The hard part is to let go of something that is holding onto you” and the second one answering the previous scene with words ,,It stares at you when you don’t”.

And here are the original pictures to see the difference with using a filter/colour correction and editing.

: I love that I already got some feedback to these pictures. My friend asked me if it connects to my past relationship and another friend asked me if it connected to a body positivity theme. …