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In the following weeks, final fine art students have to come up with an idea to exhibit in a space thats surrounded by our studios.
My ideas
– create a performace, still image, text and a painting responding to the theme of emotion.

(this is a still image of a possible moving performance, where I will be changing emotions throughout the video)

There are few ideas that are in my head. I want to connect a little bit to the ideas of Jenny Holzer. I want to create a space with many artworks connected to one another like she tends to do herself. I visited one of London’s galleries, where her works of a sign, a bench and a text all connected the room together (can’t find the picture at the moment, will add later if its found again).
To check out Jenny Holzer’s work to give you a closer idea of what i’m doing, tap on this link

Many ideas, many possibilities

These are the ideas that came out of my tutorial with Jane Watts. I will consider working more openly without being stuck onto one specific idea or placement of my works in the studio space/gallery room.