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The picture used for my poster is not included in my exhibition. Its a cropped picture from another picture not choosen for it.
In this picture, it indicates, that the exhibition is going to have to do something with the colour green and its dripping.
Curating of the Inner conversation exhibition 
While working on where to put where, I noticed my hate for two of my paintings, thinking that they dont fit in with my vision and idea. So I found a solution to my problem, I glazed the paintings with blue paint, changed details on the two paintings and finally, after contemplaiting life and having a little breakdown, I decided to use all of those paintings.

the first one is the recent one. It looks way better fitting in the whole collection than it did before.
Another little parts included in my exhibition is a text printed as stuck onto a wooden panel, and two little paintings as supporting artworks.

UPDATE 22.11.2021
Fixing up the exhibition. Fixing up all of my paintings, including my pictures that I had printed out on a photo paper, was quite challenging but fun. I love working on my own, so spending my free time in the studio, trying to figure out every measurement was peaceful for me.
Here are more detailed pictures of every piece(painting) included in the exhibition. I did not put any of the titles inside the exhibition, because they all have one name: The inner conversation.

The photographs mentioned in the previous blog posts are included as well.
In the case of curating and placing pieces around the room, I have decided to go for every working angle et cetera. For example, painting with the title Silence is on the floor in the corner and a painting titled Dont drown has its own wall.

UPDATE 06.12.2021
Looking back at the feedback from my peers and people around, I decided to continue working in this field and focus more on
colour palettes, for which I found a very good instagram account. 
That account includes pictures with colour palletes added to them, letting the audience to see the reason why some scenes can be really pleasing for the eye. I want to learn about colour theory, so I will be looking more into artists that work with colours as their ‘power’.
Narrative is the other part of my works which I want develop. I want to keep on finding things that will inspire me to create new and new narratives as its something that keeps me going. When creating something for the being of it, I do not enjoy it as much as I do, when there is a storyline added to it. For me, it creates a mysterious layer on top of the visual part of it. What you see does not matter in the end, while looking at my works.