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The first side of my painting has been critiqued in our last university critique. The painting was overally apprecciated and lead to people having various thoughts about it. From reading my notes from that day, the fact that I painted on the back of the canvases made the painting more interesting and intriguing.  The painting therefore has inverted sections and creates a puzzle. This also created the feeling of hiding and showing something.

The painting, or more the painting style, reminded people of Claud Monét’s Water Lilies (1916-1919).

I do understand why; the painting’s style is fluid and creates a movement like my painting could try to represent. Maybe it could be just the colour palette.

The painting seemed like a play of depth of field. Susan Barnet mentioned that the painting looked different from a distance and sitting closer to it. It looks like its restraining and protecting. What was seen was also subversion: undermining something to call attention to something else.

Since we had a chance to have a tutorial with artist Simon Carter at our latest exhibition Interim and my tutorial went overall well, I started following Simon on Instagram to learn more about his work as I became a huge fan. The reason for me to mention this is mostly because of the influence his work has had on mine for the past months.
My underpaintings are following a similar style to his drawings and my overall brush work has a flow and confidence that I started to see in his works.

The funny thing is the fact that I did not even see the relation of my work to his, but with him reacting to my instagram posts, I actually realised.

This is my work’s relation to his again, after overpainting the drawing.