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SPACE Colchester provides a creative spaces, workshops and training programmes like Creative Practitioner Support Programme run on the Colchester hub, which provides a peer-to-peer feedback and so forth. The Online Collaborative Residency is a 14 week programme in which 12 artists have been selected to collaborate in pre-established pairs to create a collaborative project/ artwork that will be present on the SPACE website.

I was lucky enough to be selected alongside my now collaboration partner, fashion degree graduate Katie Schreiber. The reason for us two to be paired is the focus we have on identity, the gaze (mostly the male gaze) and interest in theories and so forth.

What we decided to was to create a series of photographs in which we would be transforming ourselves into our drag personas. The overall project idea was to invade one other’s personal space in connection to the notions of the male gaze theory. Throughout the project, the main focuses were on identity, sexuality, confidence and self-love.

The photographs are self portraits and then edited by the partner, letting the other person look into our private moments. Keeping ourselves vulnerable.
here are three photographs that I took:

And here is how Katie cropped/edited them:

And here are edits of Katie’s photos, edited by me

It will be more explained on our page on the SPACE website. This will be published in the following days. I can then provide more on the project, our poems connecting to it etc.