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NOT a 3 minute blog.

I have detected a flaw in my plan for WD. With the new listing for ‘top ten’ blogs on Artists Talking I now read that judging criteria also includes ‘time spent’ on the page…… hmm I think I might be selling myself a bit short with a 3min scribble…

The most prominant concerns of my time recently have been on how I can cope with a life that is in diametric oppostion to a having a successful career.

Whatever else I try to do I find that this is the essence of what my work is about and it is a hard realisation to find that your life’s work could be conceived as one enormous moan about not getting anything done.

A tricky conundrum. But if the work that you make does not reflect the life that you lead and the ideas in your head – what is the point? it could be made by anybody else.

I have found the MAKING of the work is the key thing to exorcise these struggles from my head and it is a therapy in itself – and perhaps one to prevent myself endlessly feeling frustrated by constraints which are unavoidable.

The MAKING is key to everything. Piles of sketchbooks are fine (which I have by the barrowload) and I am grateful for them, but for my work it is the actual process of labourious slaving over a piece for a considerable time which gives it it’s value.

Without epic time served, stress and strain – it seems unworthy.

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3min blog #4

Having spent a week tending a sick child (and not getting any work done) I was excited this morning to think that I would finally get back to my studio (KINETICA IN ONE WEEK!). Fate is against me.

My husband’s car has a puncture and as he has ‘a proper job’ he has taken mine. I am to spend the day hunting for a tyre stockist (car has extra big wheels) and awaiting a lovely tow to garage (assuming I can find one).

Work again not done – shall I take some socks to sew whilst they change the tyres? – That should impress the mechanics


3min blog #3

Much of my life seems to be about trying to eke out time where no time exists… quickly sewing something whilst food cooks – making my promotional bags 10 at a time in quick snatched bursts whilst no-one is looking.

A recent trend in the papers (I imagine a yearly event in January) is the study of SELF CONTROL & WILLPOWER.

One solution I have found to work for me is using the hour before anyone else is up to get a bit of work done. As not a natural early riser this is at a horrible 6am on weekdays and (as I write) a much more acceptable 7.30 at the weekend.

The key to doing this I have also found is not to plan to do anything too demanding – serious decisions are too daunting to make bleary eyed at 6am – the mind-numbing stuff is best. Fortunately there is a lot of leg-work/ labour-intensive slog in my work. There is no better time of day for sock sewing.

(CONFESSION: this post took me 7 mins)


Today has been a very trying day. When things dont work it is easy to get very despondent. I really need to develop some technical skills and to buy some proper tools – how can I get things done efficiently and effectively when I’m sawing wood with an old bread saw held on a wobbly table?

With time as ever not really on my side I have to decide which work to go with – the one I want to take (that isn’t working too well) or the one I’m a bit worried about for othe reasons.

I really wish I’d done engineering instead of embroidery at college