Plan for World Domination is over.

Long live World Domination.


In between my squabbling children I have been trying to snatch the odd moment to do my work and I am questioning what it is I am making and why. In the barage of noise within my personal environment is my work trying to compete?

exhibit A – BLUES – sound like bagpipes.

exhibit B – FRUITFLOWERS – mongolian throat warbling

exhibit C – WORN – vacuum cleaner

In a house where it is impossible to hear your own thoughts I can only conclude that my work is a personal protest against my own life.

In the interests of research into this I thought I would share with you the wonderful juxtoposition of two art related presents for my recent birthday:

Pres. 1 – a book ‘The Creative Feminine and her Discontents’ by Juliet Miller (very good – please read it)

Pres. 2 – Two teatowels by Yayoi Kusama (very good at drying dishes – please do them for me)

I am a gemini.

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