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The urn continues to be of great interest at present.

I have been investigating numerous ways in which the object can be used in my creative practice.

I have drawn, sculpted, painted and photographed various urns.

Looking at statistics and information relating to infant deaths in 2013, I discovered that there were over 2500 in the U.K.

We have an incredibly high mortality rate in relation to other European countries.

I have also been revising information about miscarriage and still birth rates in the U.K.

Despite the numbers remaining high, the subject of child loss, is still discussed very little. Some women still withdraw and experience a and a sense of isolation when faced with a loss.

The single urn can be representative of the mother, or parent or that of the lost child. The mirror placement creates an infinity, reinforcing the vast number of those who experience loss, whilst also creating space for each reflection to be seen as individual.

I will be continuing this line of investigation further.