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this part of my emergency funding was about considering grounding of myself relative to an unresolved aspect of my past practice.  at times the journey i’ve been on has been difficult and emotional.  i’ve had to hold a mirror up to my own ideas and be realistic about what i’ve seen and felt as a result.

as the time afforded by the funding comes to an end i’m keen to review and reflect about the work i’ve done along the way.



my biggest challenge has been to rotate my view of thought by 180 degrees.  hanging on to what i knew and believed – seeing how now it felt a little outdated and even cheesey, the process of rotation has been of a significant amount of personal hardship and upheaval – while continuing with the work as i said i would do.  at times i had to take time for myself.  reflect.  look around.  feel secure.



the journey i have been on has been possible because of the pandemic and because of the lockdown.  the work of the arts council to support individuals at this unprecendented time has been magnificant and i say a massive thank you to the organisation for doing what it did in those early months of the pandemic.



through the time afforded by the emergency funding i have discovered that the expressing of something very close to me from a past time has opened me up to discovery about my practice and the a realisation about how i had been working prior to the pandemic  taking hold of things.


where i am now is a starting point for more in depth consideration and research.  i do feel optimistic that the work i’ve done so far does set me up for something i wouldn’t have been able to do without the time to consider my future plans.

in amongst this all is an expression of something and as the research now continues or not – depending on financial and time constraints – i want to go deeper into what i’ve begun to see where it might take me.

on this page is a selecton of the videos created through the research.  i’m not really expecting them to be viewed, some are over an hour; however, they reside here as documentation to the journey i’ve been on, alongside the making of walking through the pandemic.

nearing the end of august it does feel like this seciton of formal researchis coming to an end.  i have enough to continue the research.  in the future i will keep an eye out for some further opportunities to share what i’m working on.

i feel there is also a collaboration waiting to happen.

i shall continue…