so yes, oh yes –  here i am – funded by the arts council – thank you so much – to research the question what can i do to re-ground myself ?

in the post little and often #1 i discuss how i arrived at needing to make the application to the emergency fund.

in the days after my work had to stop i listened to a lot of music and this evoked memories of when i operated at raves.  despite all the hard slog involved, the time operating still to this day stands as some of my most happiest times.

now within the funded context i’m able to bring together the research done so far and start to dig into the intention of visualising in real time.

once this is happening to the level i’m happy with i’ll move to streaming those visualisations for others to experience.


today i’ve begun making the first iteration of a control surface.  i’m using the resources i have around the house – gaming buttons and cardboard boxes from the cabin outside.



working iteratively firstly in cardboard means it’s ok to be a bit down and dirty with the marking out and creation of the holes.  at this stage i’m working quickly to get to the point where i have 16 buttons available to recall 16 effects.  i have some ardunio to form the button interface.

the work i reference had two banks of 32 effects and these were held in a loadable file so if the effects got over used another set could be loaded.    it didn’t have the ability to easily modify the effects live.



the work is all about creating a visual energy that is in sync with that being generated by the music.  i’m looking to create an holistic experience.

oh yes, oh yes, … we continue …