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my old gran had many amazing sayings and i found her words of some comfort at the beginning of the period we’ve got to know as lock down.  her advice of doing a little and often was how i got myself through the first throws of lockdown while processing just what was happening for me.

when i realised that i would actually have to look for financial support due to promises of payments being revised,  i drew upon my experiences in the first couple of weeks to help me plan for the future.

i’ve been supported by the arts council covid-19 emergency fund and in return i am going to research two projects – after all when a dsylexic person is locked down at home doing a little an often on multiple ideas is a means to remain sane.

earlier this week i got a little scared by it all.  some better nights sleep and a good morning today has set me up for the journey about to take place.


in consideration of the future dissemination of the two projects i am going to keep separate blogs on the respective ideas.  within each blog i’ll share the origins of the idea and all the subsequent happenings and progress.

one of the ideas is directly related to the pandemic and i see how i need to move quickly on this to roll the idea out and invite members of the communities i’m part of to contribute.  it is this project that shall push me the hardest,  it starts next week.



today i’ve begun the other…