I’m rephotographing Nana’s photos. I’ve had them long enough – since she passed away 18 months ago. Now it’s time for the photos to back to their subjects, their owners, family members. In each I look for something. Eyes, hand, gesture.. I instinctively focus with the macro lens on a detail. Why am I doing this? Searching for clues, stories. Looking for the odd, the beautiful the strange. To understand, me, we. To make a story.

Is it possible to to learn anything from these images? To gain a deeper understanding of the individual, the family, ‘us’?

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‘We were as Hansel and Gretel and we ventured out into the black forest of the world’

Patti Smith, ‘Just Kids’

“I want to work under the table” announced L, who looks like she might be my collaborator. She sat on the floor, spread out her photographs, and began to tell me their stories.

A few weeks before, in the far end of the space, Caroline crouched over a corner, constructing a scene from cutouts, card acetate and light in one of the corners.

The same day, Jez went rummaging and discovered a lampshade in the cupboard. He put it on the floor. He found a picture of a standing woman, and put her inside, lighting her with a tiny lamp, only visible if you stooped down and peered.

The last time I was in the space, in the days before Christmas, I upturned a couple of chairs and put them in the middle of the room. I moved everything from the tables to the floor.

When we were away with friends at the coast at New Year, their 4 year old son Sorren made a den with a tiny gap between two sofas and a blanket.

I’ve been thinking about these moments of hiding, sitting, making, imagining, telling, looking.

This week, I am going looking for a curtain for those chairs.

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