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this post is a roll together of images, arising questions and an exciting delivery of materials!

…its a chaotic post because its holidays, the boys are home, my Dad is staying and we have tons to do. It has been noted that in the holidays I burn everything….my mind is elsewhere and things drift….well so what?

..but to important matters such as questions arising:

who else works with this idea of rotation?

who else has made a work that is associated with rotation?

I could go on… and I will but not till the next post!

So I am continuing my research into art works that associate with rotation. Sara MacKillop and Paper Column shown here. I love this piece for its simplicity and its scale. We all have a familiarity with paper but perhaps in a digital age this will become a vintage novelty.

and now to what I made at Ashburnham last week …as soon as I made some bigger maquettes and started playing with them onsite it was clear that they work best rolling on the ground and hopefully drifting around in or preferably on the lake. I will be making 3m size models next using strip of oak, ramping up the scale…

I have just taken delivery of the next level up – the actual material (now oak) in 3m strips…can’t wait till next Tuesday and I can start maquettes in the real material I can test when it breaks, if it needs soaking and how it looks…