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two weeks into the year and i’m fully back up to speed and i can share with you that this is the first time in years my year has started so quickly and i’m still a bit whar!  this is ace !


in a packed week one of the many highlights has been preparing for the art and photo walk happening this coming sunday, part of the richard long exhibition at the derby museum and art gallery.

working with jonathan wallis, the curator of the exhibition we made a planning walk on wednesday and i’ve continued to hone the plans as the week has gone along.  i even made a promo video with emma, the social media guru of the museum. it took the shape of a facebook live video.  at the time of writing the video has been viewed 993 times.

i’m loving all the opportunities that are appearing through being involved with the derby museums trust.

as the silk mill prepares for the collection decant i’m part of the on going discussion about the development of the schools programme for the museum of making at the derby silk mill.  the programme needs to be fully ready for the opening in 2020.

our select team is being asked to consider what a steam powered schools programme might look like.  we’re using a logic model for our early work and i have to say i’m loving this way of working.

the work we began in earnest this week is going to take months to realise and i’m up for the full journey of discovery.



this week has also included the realisation that there is some significance in the year ending in an 8.  there’s a lot associated with this thread of thought so i’ll fully unpack the multiples of 10 over the coming weeks and months.

given my current state of mind and offers being received there might be something in years ending in 8.




it was lovely to receive a comment from rob this week.  hi rob, i’m so glad we still have an ongoing connection.  inspired by you rob i think i’m going to include a few more pictures of my walks out with flo.  we began the week in a heavy frost illuminated by low sun and playing with her christmas present.

with a few more little prep things to do tomorrow i’ll  be ready for sunday’s walk leading and you know what ……. i’m so up for it.