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sometimes i have a freeze of ideas how to start a post – today has been such an occasion.



i add in a picture from a walk last weekend to break up the words so far.


i feel tired.  today has been a day of wordsmithing and completing my submission to doc fest of the second tranche of the non linear commission from the derby silk mill.

even if the submission were to be unsuccessful, the non linear project has moved on as a result of considering what was needed for the submission.  part of me knows i can re-write this in more positive langauge – the project overall has benefitted from submitting.



a week ago i responded the invitation from sue ball to join the volunteers and listen to the digital artists who are jointly commissioned with dlab also part of the arts and heritage programme.

at the meeting were 3 of the 4 commissioned artists and their projects. they are very diverse.  the plan  for the group is to meet bimonthly and share about practice and projects.

it was wonderful to be in the silk mill again and see some of the objects from around the museum waiting to be taken to storage.



while out with florence today i thought about the completion of shimmering place and the beginning of the skin and bone trio collaboration.  one circle completing – another beginning.

with the skin and bone trio there is synergy with the silk mill project.  at the beginning of the filming there were lots of different things to think about and consider – so many possibilities with the path ahead of finding out what i know about the project as yet to be defined.

skin and bone is as yet unfunded.

therefore i’m needing to make sure i manage my time and keep enjoying the opportunity.  i say this upfront – almost to remind me – of what though ?

its fun and for me.

i mentioned earlier i feel tired.  if i wasn’t i would pull up a you tube video of carl cox and start playing.  i think this evening i need to accept being tired and find a way of looking after myself and relaxing.  i smile to myself as really i want to play and i almost need to so i can see that i am too tired to make anything constructive this evening.  i’ve chosen to generate the visuals from scratch so i have much playing to do.  there are some simple conventions to find and agree upon too – a way of making the early stages of development manageable.

i’ve got the end of what i wanted to record.  oh my mind struggles to find a neat way of rounding this out.

for now.