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i’d love to be able to capture my feeling and place it into the opening of this post because i’d love to share with a feeling of uplift, hope, optimism and all round head nodding pleasure.

you might have read my previous post – it was quite personal and heavy going – so if you haven’t read it stay with this one there’s way more good stuff coming your way.


i stare out the window at a blue sky with wispy white cloud and the buildings and trees below the sky defined by crisp contrast.

this week has seen me make a couple of images i feel really pleased with and i’m excited to share them …

the first – made yesterday – is a no looking drawing  made in 30 seconds of the person i was looking at.  it was part of an exercise on praise within a training day i attended.

the task of drawing without looking at what you’re drawing is something i’ve come across before – it’s probably something we’ve all done at some point and for differing reasons.

yesterday we made this task quite soon after lunch – i was full, happy and feeling relaxed.  maybe because i’d done this style of drawing before i had some insight into how to spatially place my marks on the post-it note.  the scale of the drawing made this spatialisation easier.

having completed it and being invited to look at what i’d drawn  – i was thrilled to see my drawing of the man sat in front of me.



there comes a time within playing where the play moves onto to having more meaning.  my coding of a means to create a digital drawing has started to move towards being more meaningful this week.  in part driven by preparing for a session i’m delivering later in the summer and  in part by a need to be able to interact with the skin and bone trio.

i reflect that quite often i will play for hours coding and saving images and fall short of taking that play onto something more meaningful.  in practice terms this might be a workflow thing or me simply being in a headspace that negates the play i’m engaged in.  solitary play making it difficult to appreciate what it is i’ve created.


i read workflow and inside i’m screaming !  the play hasn’t lit me up to the point of making my insides sing – this is after all what play can do – its the part of play that takes us to the next stage of learning.



i made this a couple of weeks ago.


it’s one outcome from playing with code to make a square.  what i didn’t fully realise at the time was that despite making this something inside didn’t feel right.  thus i held back sharing the image or any of the variants i made.  i do wonder if i can use facebook more to share my various playings.  hang on though – my facebook artist page is incredibly difficult to feel at one with – thus i tend to ignore it.  maybe i can play more with it …


there has been a shift in my thinking this week and for the better.  i’ve been feeling good when looking at what i’ve made and its a happy return to this feeling.



this image has helped me believe this week.


– – – i’ve started to listen for the singing.