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acoustically a sine wave produces a very lovely tone – balanced and even and i think that’s been the week i’ve had.



it began with a good feeling and is ending with another good feeling.



i’ve made progress with my need to feel i can work in real time to generate responsive visuals.  it’s taken a while for all the possibilities to be considered, researched, explored and reflected upon.  i’m back to something simple and it feels good.



monday was a blast – i got in full flow – relaxed – and made.




and made




later in the week, i  visited …



the museum of making at derby silk mill.  still 2 years away from re-opening i’ve been in this week to see where the work has got to and consider wether to go in and film some more despite not yet having confirmation that the ( filming – non linear ) project will continue.  time to gamble and film.