I record my train journeys in moving image. I am fascinated by manmade objects in the fields that we are so familiar with we fail to notice them. The are mundane objects: pylons, renewable energy towers, gas holders, railway tracks, electricity poles, etc. Although if we were able to bring someone over from the very far past they would not be able to tell what these are for; it would be interesting to see how they would understand them.

One of the films I worked on during my editing course was two items I shot at different times and locations. I was curious to see how they read and come together in layers adding to the narrative. Using different editing ideas and effects I simultaneously show both footages at the same time in the same frame, and as such I pull them opposite directions; pylons and renewable energy poles meeting and separating in a slow manner.

I then further edited my film bringing it to black and white, as to focus the eye on structure, and making it wide screen.

To see the moving image please visit my Instagram @rita_parniczky and scroll down to summer time.



Back in the summer, I posted one of my short videos of the movement series on my Instagram (@rita_parniczky). I showed it in black and white to explore the idea of the world being colourless, and only us humans seeing it in the specific colours we do. At colour studies at Central Saint Martins, we experimented with colour, we observed how colours affect each other, and what kind of emotional effects they have on us only to be told there’s no colour in the world and different species see the same colour either a different tone or hue altogether, or see no colour at all. This I found mind blowing; something that we expect and know to be what it is (to us) is suddenly taken apart to be observed again.

“Light receptors within the eye transmit messages to the brain, which produces the familiar sensations of color. Newton observed that color is not inherent in objects. Rather, the surface of an object reflects some colors and absorbs all the others. We perceive only the reflected colors.”

At the time of the post, what I really wanted to do was to show the footage moving from colour to black and white, gradually changing back and forth between the two different worlds, one as we know it and the other as it is possibly. I could however only have full B&W or colour only. Not too long afterwards, on the editing course it was one of the first ideas I put in action; here, I am sharing some stills of this short video, while you can watch to transformation on my Instagram (scroll down and look for this first opening frame of the film shown here below).


My project included a short course in editing which I undertook at UAL. I’ve been recording videos, mainly on my iPhone for a few years, and I felt it was time to learn a new skill to evolve my work through experimenting with different effects. The tutor, a professional working in documentaries led an excellent introduction to Final Cut Pro and taught us different ways of making and tricks to use. The footage I collected prior to the course are a mix of objects revealing their intriguing, otherwise invisible structures and other structural elements I filmed while taking trains across the country this year.

I’m sharing a few frames of the raw version of my video before editing; you can see moving image scattered on my Instagram @rita_parniczky