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We are slowly getting close to completing the first prototype of the Mutable Drawing Surface, so I decided to upload more pictures of our progress here. The mechanism is working and running smoother after placing in additional gears and adding stud lock to keep things in place. The actual surface that will be drawn on is covered with blackboard paint so it could be drawn on multiple times. Remaining tasks are mainly technical based, along with drawing on the actual moving surface. There are a few issues with the wiring that need looking into, and we also need more work on programming the motors that drive the rings. I have written a few simple Arduino sketches to test the mechanism and am noticing that the Arduino language is pretty similar to C++, which I have used many years ago. I am glad that my knowledge in programming is coming back to me and would never have thought I would be coding again.

Once more, our project has experienced yet another delay. Mike was unfortunately ill for a while, which meant our  sessions were postponed. Not only he has to catch up with the work in this collaboration, but also with his PhD work and therefore is not able to work on the project for a while. We were scheduled to exhibit in the Collaboration exhibition in Camberwell(London), organised by Bad Behaviour in May, and we had to sadly cancel as the surface will not be completed on time. We are very grateful that the organisers were very understanding and again sincerely apologise for our cancellation.

For more information about the Collaboration exhibition, please visit: http://badbehaviour.london/exhibitions/collaborations/

We will reschedule and return later in the summer.