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Loud sounds of dawn. Extreme wide-down view. The One is at the centre of green with its head lying on the edge of a pillow. Sounds of the wind getting stronger. While they wave and wave busily, the one is crouching in no hurry.


Sounds of the green heavily shaking and bumping into each other. Close-up view. Eyes squint, opening gently. The sky squints following the eyes. Clouds come forth from the sleep in the eyes then spread to both side ends. The sudden appearance of the sun dazzles the eyes. The sharp air tickles the tip of a nose. Dry saliva passes through the throat. Under the cover of the bed, something jumps up at the nape of the neck, following the stem of the back and scurries to the right foot. As it hits the heel, each toe furls, from the little toe to the big toe. Sounds of giggling.


They begin to wave more strongly. The One’s eyes stare at them, twirling around, and the back bends the other way slowly then stretches out quickly. The left arm rises up, leans to the right and twists to the right leg. The left leg bounces up and the toes fiddle the air. The crumpled white blanket flies away by a left kick. The body gets into the green. Elope!


Three inches from the ground. The arms stir them up and around erratically, bare hands bump into sharp ones and continue to annoy them despite their fuss. The back bends upward and sideward. Flexibility! Hairs stick to the dry and tumble before the eyes. The knee joints lead to unexpected instability in the foot. Suddenly all eyes, including you, the viewer, burst into the sky.


An old man shouts, “Hey, what are you?”


– Part of the draft description of the scene The Ragwort by Ellie Kyungran Heo