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Cample Line: foregrounding rural community and industrial history

Cample Line produces exhibitions and film screenings, bringing visitors to the rural location of Nithsdale in Dumfriesshire, south west Scotland. Whilst referencing the site’s industrial history, its programme also addresses the socio-economic challenges faced by local communities. Richard Taylor reports.

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Untitled blog post from "The Ragwort"

  Loud sounds of dawn. Extreme wide-down view. The One is at the centre of green with its head lying on the edge of a pillow. Sounds of the wind getting stronger. While they wave and wave busily, the one […]

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Art Party – The Exhibition! opens

Building up to the release of Bob & Roberta Smith’s feature film on 21 August, an exhibition of Art Party memorabilia opens tomorrow Saturday 9 August in Scarborough.

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