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Representing artists

The current exhibition (Philip Ryland – Retrospective) has had some sales.

I’ve not been pushing to sell work but I have been promoting it like a larger gallery would. I have a Shopify Lite store attached to my WordPress site and that lets me embed shop pages anywhere I want. It is a cheaper and easier option than an actual Shopify store but has it’s limitations.

As a commercial gallery, I take 50% of the sales price. I’m part of #artistsupportpledge so when I make £500 I’ll spend £100 on another artist’s work.

But I’m also upgrading things when money comes in.

Things to make life easier

From the first sale of a bird and wind drawing I invested in Shopify Lite at $9 a month. WordPress has a free shopping plugin called Woo Commerce but it is clunky and horrible for the customer to use without loads of work. Shopify lite is swishy and smooth. Mmmm.

This month I’m putting money back in by getting a paid version of Later, the app and desktop programme I’m using to schedule posts on Instagram. I did a possibly foolish thing here and got a whole year upfront because it is cheaper long term. That means the accounts do not look good overall but they are ok for the month.

Sales – £80

Payment to artist – £40
Shopify Lite – £8 (wild guess at exchange rate)
Later – £12

Total expenditure £60

Profit £20!

That does not take the cost of running my website into account or the hours and hours spent taking photos, researching hashtags, responding to comments, answering questions, checking things with the artist……….

So I am celebrating my £20 but not really thinking about it a viable income. Although it will be declared on my tax return next year.

And the very best thing is that I could put HUGE dots next to the paintings in the gallery!