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Early every morning we go off to the woods together and I have seen the transition from winter to spring peep through, and now it rushes into green everywhere. I have witnessed it but been unable to record it or even make art about it. I had wanted a series of seasonal drawings which started with the autumn and went very well. Winter I started but as other clients came along the focus shifted and winter was left in cold so to speak. As for spring it has no hope of being explored, work is frantically busy with focus on other things.

A few photos in my phone is all that remains of winter possibly a couple of posts on the.redfred on instagram and that was winter. However: I witnessed every frosty morning, every early morning mist and every ……..

……………there you are you see, my mosaic tiles are being delivered and Fred is very keen to make acquaintance with the delivery driver and winter is pushed out again time to move on, the next thing makes no time  for reflection.

A few winter photos and this represents all my winter experiences!


But I witnessed it every day it folded and passed in my real world I saw the sun rises, I felt the frosts and walked in the rain. It has played a huge part of what has happened to me recently. The early morning walks reset the mind of the walker ready for the events that follow during the day. I have, I am sure been clearer more decisive and more productive as a direct result of observing winter on a daily basis. Nothing to show ….. yet it played a part in everything.

Perhaps to say then, better to have experienced it and benefited leaving little trace to document those benefits.

The benefits are not directly artistic and remain invisible.