Darren and I had great support from staff at The Place – on the Monday evening a technician prepared the Founders Stuio. He put up the projector, lighting and a back cloth and two scaffold poles were tensioned from floor to ceiling to install elastic. On Tuesday we had help from Oscar all day to test out the projected films, sort out lighting and sound and put down a rubber floor. We stretched elastic from elements in the room, using the scaffold poles and some sandbags. Oscar contributed impromptu choreography whilst wielding a broom…..

During the morning we installed the two Tea Break films in their iPad frames but we waited until dark to see if our idea of projecting Living Room through the window in the Meeting Room would work.

In the afternoon Hannah arrived and we were able to see how the choreographed sequence worked with the live elastic, and intersected with the filmed material.


There’s so much to do to get ready for our Open Studio at The Place on Tuesday. A new compilation of video footage of our experimentation in the studio and the only event where Hannah will be dancing live in relation to the projected film.

And assembling ipads, frames, screws and rawlplugs, card, blue tack….trying to remember all the bits of kit including projector, cables, tripod, video camera… much more difficult when I know I’ll be two hours away from my base and dependent on having everything we need with me.