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the process of reflection is always easier – for me – at a point in time where there’s a groundswell of good feeling about what it is i’m working on.

sitting now with coffee, breaking sunshine outside and the tippy tappy sound of eggs boiling in the kitchen i want somehow to capture and record the feelings i’m experiencing about creating the interactive documentary (idoc).

firstly i’m finding the process of bringing together the contributed material really exciting.  working with content i’ve not created is enlivening (is that a word?)

this project is intended to help me to plan for the future.  i’m learning a lot about working remotely through social media connections and how building a community starts with people i’m already connected to.  the majority of early contributions have been coming from those who i have previously had physical meetings with.

i’m open to wide range of responses i’m receiving.  to be honest it makes me feel alive to be working with such diversity.  and here’s the thing about creating the idoc – there are human qualities emerging in the diversity.  so far what my expectations might have been have been surpassed.

then there’s the “will anyone contribute?” question.  early on i spent quite a time being concerned about how i was communicating the project wouldn’t be attractive and there would be nothing to work with.  reflecting on this, taking a step a back, this might be a thing connected to vulnerability and trust.  when inviting contributions how might i lessen these two when working closer than a social media connection?  this isn’t particularly a revelation about working with a community; however, it is something to bare in mind – to practice solving.

what’s been happening for me this morning is the beginnings of the feeling of emergence of what the idoc might be like.

the idoc format is problematic in it’s creation, as it lacks a formal documentary structure of what to get across within the beginning middle and end ( i’d love to find out the technical expression for this) to guide the editting process.  more over the contributed content is making suggestions of how to link the clips.

this morning i think i’ve reached a decision about a visual convention and in trying this out the feel and look of the emerging  work is creating a good feeling that i’m attempting to disseminate at speed here.

there are still contributors working to get their contributions to a point of sending.  sitting looking out the window i think i’m past the tension about will there be any content to work with.

from a learning about budgeting standpoint, the tracking of time spent is showing me i’m in a good place budget wise.  again making me feel good about myself and the project.

i like this feeling right now :)



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