images from recent work in show, after the show comes down.

Having returned to the show after the hiatus of the opening I was less dissatisfied with the work, time and distance is so important and impossible to hurry. An interesting experiment, several technical things might have been preferred, to increase the exactness of size and colour, which would make it a more seemless image. The colour does seem to match well at the bottom of the image, it is the light which alters the tone so much and which the light in the space should line up with the image at certain times – thus the image would merge to a greater extent with its surroundings for parts of the day.

Looking back at original images taken of the wardrobe I prefer these as images to the ones posted here. However, for the show the work as an image was more successful than exhibiting the wardrobe as an object. This raises questions about the use of photographs and what the work is, the documentation of the work being less interesting than the documentation of the making of the work. The work (as a photographic image) itself also holds my attention as an image which could be placed elsewhere. Thus it is site specific but could have life beyond that site as well. Standing in the printers it offered a convincing image of an object, even though the background of the wall it leant against was a painted white wall, proving the image to be convincing as an object (ie a wardrobe as a physical presence not just as a photographic print!).


New work has gone up this week, turmoil of emotion suggests there is still much invested in my wardrobe. it reminds me of the distance I need for that content to settle to see things with fresh eyes. So I’ll include images here as a part of a new series of works and will return with thoughts another time.

The first is the image that was printed to the size of the space it was taken in (217cm x 112cm) and rehung on the same wall. A photo to document the actual work will have to wait until the end of the show when everyone else’s work has come down.

My response to seeing it has some context which is not necessarily relevant here but in reflecting on it now also generates thoughts of the possibility of secrets being exposed but held back at the same time. The size of the image is now life sized in the space and so is a tease of appearing to be a cupboard sitting there which could just be opened, themes of absence and presence, concealing/revealing, witholding and exposing, and of being out of place.

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