Preparing for the final show for my MA, and having seen the possible space for my work this week, I am mulling over thoughts of using the wardrobe as part of this again. I had thought this was seperate, different and any linking would feel forced and contrived. Reflecting on an unrelated discussion of my work this week, general thoughts of the project having been about more than just my work inhabiting a cave like space (see below link)


…Themes of self in space have been seen as more broad themes (this is not the first time i’ve had this thought but is seen anew again this week). It felt on seeing the space that the wardrobe was important to use, and surprisingly becomes central to the work. Plans to use the sound of the cave have collided with thoughts of the wardrobe being a vessel for this, within a larger darkened space which engulfs the viewer in darkness. There are some weeks still before I can get to spend time in the space messing about, or am able to take the object in, but some possible ideas are food for thought, and using this space to chew things over is a useful place to capture these musings.

The wardrobe brings the personal, the self, more directly into the work which has become more apparent as important to the work, as I’ve come to the end of my time in the ‘cave’.

Apologies for my appauling grammar this morning.