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‘We always went in’

Witch is the archetype type not controlled by/owned by/used by ptrky. Magical outsider, No, not outsider, but an idea in its community with its ways, it’s words. Community of all genders, LGBTI community, witches and wizards and definitely queer. Inspiring, mythical; myths are stories that have truth and imagination.
House. I have a pentaptych (5 of a series) of painted, scratched, collaged works that together represent danger, pleasure and safety, grief, absence and danger. The last has scratched on it ‘we always went in’.
I realise this is a witch connection, the attractive, inspiring, half ruined place full of ‘beyond the everyday’ for us as children. Beyond our ken. Magical, risky, a challenge.
This is what ‘isrupt’ can be. Something that IS, and is also a rupture with what we ‘are supposed to be’. The thing that creates music, and poems, beyond our ken.
So far I have refused to separate these 5 connected works. Now ‘we always went in‘ steps into the foreground with WitCH. Then other elements shift into my awareness. Writing from my book ‘Bare Feet Keep You Safe’ a key passage…
As a feminist, lesbian, old and looking into the unknown of the next ten years, and wanting magic, I’m finding repeated connections with WitCH. So the 13 inch square of scratched and painted house ‘we always went in’ will have a broken slate roof tile below, on the floor of the gallery, engraved
‘what would happen what could happen what might befall if we are not careful enough don’t know what we have to do to be careful except be ourselves but that may not be enough seeing as how we have been told not to come here what is it that might happen what is it that might happen what is it ‘