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The search for a mentor is ongoing, but really what I am needing is astute criticism!

My current fascination with chaos and order (stemming from talking about art and maths) has led to thinking about my work in those terms.  I am deliberately pushing these terms into my work, the last piece I finished  : ‘11by11 grid’ or simply ‘grid’ started off with the very ordered grid format (on canvas) and then I worked into this with my current PaintWrite altercation.

I am now working on the same size (1.7m squared), made up of 3 strips of lining paper masking taped together.  The starting point for this was that it was to be in opposition of the ordered start of the 11by11grid.  I started with the sheet of sprayed newspaper that I couldn’t part with, after priming the surface with grey emulsion I stuck I little piece of newspaper with text on near the centre and started mark making with compressed charcoal (trying not to think too much about what was appearing, rather letting my associations guide me).  This one’s supposed to be ‘free’

It isn’t finished, yet at this stage it shows similarity with the 11by11grid in that there are definite sections, they are just rounded pebble shaped instead.