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Revolution and Resonance

A year long developmental project by artist Felicity Truscott supported by the National Lottery with a Grant for the Arts through Arts Council England.

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A Preview of the H_A_R_D_P_A_I_N_T_I_N_G exhibition at Phoenix Brighton.

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…something completely different…

A wibbly wobbly amorphous Venn diagram encompasses my thoughts… It’s animated, so the overlapping portion(s) expand and contract. I often think about the whole of it, the drawing, the stitching, the songs… but it is difficult to do this in […]

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Untitled blog post from "New ways of seeing…"

Delivering this week’s underlined project workshop at a Hull-based Memory Café was great fun, with some fantastic work produced and wide-ranging conversations. As a group, we shared experiences of time in Scotland, the efficacy of midge-repellents, what type of paper […]

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Untitled blog post from "Project Me"

[Thursday] Tomorrow Klas and I have another look at a potential new studio. I really want, and need, to find somewhere to settle and get on with making. Without such a place it is all to easy for me to […]

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multiples of 10

two weeks into the year and i’m fully back up to speed and i can share with you that this is the first time in years my year has started so quickly and i’m still a bit whar!  this is […]

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Job Commissions

Shutter Decoration Commission

Eye-catching designs for the shutters covering the front windows of the new MyClubmoor hub space in Clubmoor, Liverpool are needed!


Thank You

Your application has been submitted successfully. You will also receive a confirmation email. Once the deadline of 12 February is passed, we’ll be working to assess the applications and are looking to select around 65 applicants to receive a bursary. […]

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Jamboree - SAVE THE DATE 28th June - 1st July
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Jamboree 2018 blog

A blog giving a behind the scenes look at Jamboree 2018, an artist-led gathering of 150 artists and curators

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Event Exhibition


  • Coming soon
  • Venue:
    P21 Gallery
  • From:
    January 20, 2018
  • To:
    February 10, 2018
  • Location:
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Job Collaborative projects

Aural Textiles: Disrupting Scottish heritage textile design

Join us in a co-design project funded by the Royal Society of Edinburgh. Are you a practising textile designer working in Scotland, and are interested in using the soundscape as a source of design inspiration? If so, go to www.auraltextiles.wixsite.com/main to find out more info.