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Untitled blog post from "Starting a blog for MA Fine Art"

A review of my artist statement,   ‘The oeuvre is drawn from studies of nineteenth and twentieth century psychology. The close-up of hands in drawings and paintings question the imaginary in contrast to what reality is. The hands are part of the body closely associated with […]

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Neon Workshop Sessions

Six participants will be taught by two neon makers and learn everything from transcribing ideas into neon drawings to filling their glass forms with gas.

Blog Post


Titles are important. And, as with the rest of my work, I find that I have rules that govern how I choose them. I am trying to come up with a title for the project I am working on. This […]

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DSG Feature

Degree Show: Swansea College of Art Summer Show 2020

Swansea College of Art UWTSD, SCA Summer Show 2020, 10 July 2020. Challenging times inspire creative people to find innovative solutions; to explore the art of the possible. For the students and staff at Swansea College of Art (UWTSD), the most […]

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