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Untitled blog post from "Keeping It Going"

As I said in my last post here, I’ve been involved in conversations with Elena Thomas and Stuart Mayes about the virtues of long term blogging. Our responses to some self-initiated questions were collated and published online on the a-n […]

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the notion of resources

there are two of us on the meanwhile residency.  our time together is currently taking the form of a conversation based on what we leave in the space as a result of us being there.  today i searched out thomas’ […]

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Colin Higginson: In The Manner In Which It Appears

Colin Higginson – In The Manner In Which It Appears SVA 16th May – 5th June 2021 Caught in the moment by Colin Higginson’s central wall-based work of his show, ‘In The Manner In Which It Appears’ at the gallery […]

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The South London Gallery Postgraduate Residency is an open submission six-month live-in residency which enables the production of a new body of work and a rare opportunity for an early-career artist to exhibit within an internationally renowned institution.

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Ballroom Arts

Ballroom Arts on Aldeburgh’s High Street offers two newly renovated rental venues for the arts and events.