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Don’t Look Now. What new hell is this?

Okay, so I’m going there. Don’t Look Now, is one of a new cycle of paintings which has been brewing in my studio in the aftermath of my Radio 4 programme, The Art of Now: Return to Catalonia. I’ve been […]

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Blog Artist

The art of seeing

My first ever Art Blog outlines events within the last 6 months that changed my whole perspective on being a Visual Artist.

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Job Commissions


Maindee Unlimited are inviting applications from Sound Artists to produce a new art installation for the newly refurbished Maindee Library building, a volunteer-run community space in Maindee on the eastern side of Newport city centre.

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Measuring Scent and Narrative

Last weekend I was part of a group exhibition at the Old Holy Trinity Church, Wentworth called ‘Measure’ – which looks at the human soul. My own offering was a scented narrative that suggests you can weigh your soul against […]

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