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Manifesta 12: Chercher La Femme, Chercher Le Queer

I applied to for a bursary to visit Manifesta 12 partly out of interests for its core themes of migration, and space/place as politically charged, especially as sites of repression, which I explored in my own work (Ghost House, Disciplinary […]

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Education Hub Opening. Photo by CAVE studio.

Education and learning at Manifesta 12

During my visit to Manifesta preview I concentrated on looking into the work undertaken by the Manifesta education department. I often work on participatory projects with outreach, learning and education departments of museums, art organisations and galleries in the UK […]

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Aalto Natives

What is the point of a national pavilion? This is the question that sticks in my mind whenever I’m at the Venice Biennale. Most specifically in the Giardini, but to greater and lesser extents throughout all the 86 national participants […]

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Event Exhibition

One Minute

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Graham Fagen's artwork, Scotland+Venice, Venice BIennale 2015

Weary, O.

It is a dreich November day, a day when the whole country is shrouded in mist, perhaps as the aftermath of Halloween or just the reality of autumn. I have the chance to escape and listen to Graham Fagen talking […]

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Invisible Achievements

Venice is without doubt one of the biggest and most important Contemporary art events in the calendar. Every year the Biennnale seems to get bigger as more and more countries join together with the curated projects and larger gallery exhibitions. […]

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Jane Lawson reviews Crossing the Tide, the Tuvalu Pavilion at the 2015 Venice Biennale

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