This Saturday (2 March), Collective New Work Symposium Part 1 takes place at Tramway in Glasgow, focusing on how organisations and curators support and work with emerging artists. The event forms part of the 2012/13 New Work Scotland Programme (NWSP), The Plural Association.

Collective in Edinburgh facilitate a series of exhibitions by recent graduates based in Scotland, selected from an application process – the current show (until 24 March) is by Conor Kelly and Calvin Laing. The yearly programme began in 2000 and includes a residency in partnership with Studio Voltaire in London. Since 2012, Tramway has hosted residencies, symposia and film screenings developing the theme set by Collective.

“Last year at Tramway, for the theme Mining the Horizon, we produced a symposium that addressed what emergent practice is. This year, we’re extending this to consider the relationship between artists and organisations/curators,” says Siobhan Carroll, Collective’s Programme Manager. “The event will be a valuable opportunity for artists and recent graduates to consider what support structures exist and how useful they are for developing a practice.”

Part 1 is to be chaired by Glasgow-based artist and writer Fiona Jardine. Artists will have the opportunity to ask curators and organisation directors questions, with contributors including Collective’s Rachel Adams, Craig Coulthard and Kate Gray; Nuno Sacramento from Scottish Sculpture Workshop; Max Slaven from David Dale Gallery and Studios; and artist and curator Sarah Tripp.

“The symposia broaden NWSP’s relevance for emerging artists as we develop the programme each year,” explains Carroll. “With a strong focus on discourse, we also organise regular meetings with the NWSP group where they focus on each other’s work, and we’re developing a mentoring part of the opportunity.”

Collective New Work Symposium Part 2 will take place at Collective on 25 April.

Collective New Work Symposium Part 1, Tramway, Glasgow, Saturday 2 March, 3-5pm. For more information, visit