Heads and Sheds
Alan Pergusey‘s recent paintings, often of a singular individual, convey a strong but hazy sense of recalled experiences through dynamic movement and almost surreal or magical environmental factors. Cabin Fever is a smaller, more introspective series of landscapes that Pergusey has again painted from memory, featuring huts, cabins and locations that are ‘on the edge of the land’.
10 & 11 November 2017, Gallery 16, 16 Sholebroke Place, Leeds LS7 3HJ.

How can public art be useful to society?
As part of the Sculpture: a fabrication talks programme, artist and gallery director Gavin Wade draws on his experience at Eastside Projects to address current debates around public art and social responsibility, asking how artists can be part of the social fabric of the cities that they live and make work in.
Thursday 9 November 2017, Manchester Art Gallery, Mosley Street, Manchester M2 3JL.

Failure in Chrome
For the next three months, Digital Artist Residency takes on a slightly different programming format, participating as one of the online pavilions in The Wrong (biennale) – a global digital art event and curatorial umbrella. Presenting the work of 12 artists/artist duos, each week sees a new exhibition and live-streamed performance take place on the Digital Artist Residency site during the course of the biennale.
Until 31 January 2017, thewrong.org.

West London Galleries Free Bus Tour
A circular bus tour around 10 exhibitions at west London galleries, with the bus returning to each venue every 20 minutes throughout the evening. At the Frestonian Gallery there’s a chance to see Tony Sleep’s photographs of The Free Independent Republic of Frestonia, an alliance founded in 1977 by the squatting community around Freston and Olaf Roads in opposition to eviction. Elsewhere, The Muse at 269 presents an exhibition of glass works, drawing and painting by Sun Ju Lee, depicting the movements of people within rapidly changing urban areas.
Thursday 9 November 2017, 6pm, various venues, Stop 1: 2 Bramley Road, London W10.

ALGOMECH – festival of Algorithmic and Mechanical Movement
The algorithmic composers 65daysofstatic are the headliner act for this four-day festival that will see live coded raves, robot musicians and hacked instruments along with installations, workshops on live-coding, a symposium on unmaking, and the chance to explore and make your own e-textiles – sensory fabrics that make music.
8-12 November 2017, Millenium Gallery, Sheffield S1 2PP.

All of the above are taken from a-n’s Events listings section, featuring events posted by a-n’s members

1. Alan Pergusey, ‘Heads and Sheds’
2. Gavin Wade
3. Failure in chrome, poster
4. West London Galleries Free Bus Tour, flyer
5. Algomech Festival, poster

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