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Hi All I am trying to start an artist crit group in Northwest Cumbria. I am looking for people who are open minded and generally postive, and would like to discuss their own and other peoples work. I am looking […]

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Artists’ Books #16: Nathan Walker’s Condensations

For the latest in her ongoing series looking at the diverse and inventive world of artists’ books, Sarah Bodman enjoys the performative nature of Nathan Walker’s Condensations, with its thick screes of words and essence of place inspired by a residency in Ambleside.

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Day 6 – Kurt Schwitters Merz Barn Residency

After finishing my book yesterday, I was left with lots of different ideas for how to start testing and playing. I wanted to carry on with the mini-projects I had begun to set myself (I like good project), they were […]

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Day 3 – Kurt Schwitters Merz Barn Residency

Firstly focusing on the preface of Batchelors The Luminous and the Grey I found the initializing of the argument to be about how and why colour exists in the world around us. “It is not the presence of colour in […]

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