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Preliminary Field Test – wildlife census: Norfolk coast

Longitude 52.948503 Latitude 1.116371: 5 hares Longitude 52.956430 Latitude 1.092281: pair Linnets Longitude 52.959763 Latitude 1.078743: Avocet Longitude 52.960759 Latitude 1.074503: 476 dead starfish ranging in size from 2in to 7 in. Ended at Longitude 52.963798 Latitude 1.058465 Birds observed: […]

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general data protection regulations 2018

Is there any advice out there for artists who are trying to get to grips with the general data protection regulations 2018 – in order to collect and maintain circulation lists (for exhibiting/teaching/etc.) ?

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Breaking Pictures – Deliberate Glitches 2

Continuing on from my attempts to deliberately break or glitch images I’ve been looking at how digital files are downloaded and what happens when some of the data is missing. Torrent sites host illegal downloads of movies, software, music etc […]

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Breaking Pictures – Deliberate Glitches

I’ve been manipulating the inner workings of images for a while. Essentially, it’s a digital image that I have opened up in a hex editor, changed the code around and then resaved. For these portraits I thought it would interesting […]

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A Q&A with… Julie Freeman, artist & technologist

For her online artwork We Need Us – currently showing at group exhibitions in Manchester and London – Julie Freeman has powered an audio-visual animation with live data from the citizen science project The Zooniverse. She explains why data and how it’s used is so important in our increasingly digital lives.

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lost ipod touch

today i’m coming to terms with the realistic situation that yesterday i lost my ipod touch. if it were a person it might have left home because i’m making friends with android. in accepting that it’s gone i’m left thinking […]

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