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Freelands Foundation Emergency Fund

For artists and freelancers in Northern Ireland in partnership with a-n The Artists Information Company. The Freelands Foundation Emergency Fund is supported by the Freelands Foundation, as part of a landmark commitment of £3m towards emergency funds for artists and freelance creative practitioners across the UK affected by the Covid-19 crisis. Funds will be available for Northern Ireland based practitioners.

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Inventory of Behaviours: finding value in the things artists do when not making artworks

Following a call-out asking artists to submit their ‘preparations, patterns, neuroses, speculations, and procrastinations that surround the production of art in the studio’, the four-day Inventory of Behaviours event at Tate Modern saw these submissions turned into instructions that were carried out by volunteer artists, students and members of the public. Trevor H. Smith explores the value of the transitional space between not making and making art.

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Art is… at Tate Modern: stimulating, provocative and often moving

At the recent Art Is… event at Tate Modern, the Freelands Foundation gathered together a cast of artists, educators, gallery directors and more to present a series of talks and discussions about the idea of socially useful art, the importance of art education, and the role of creative freedom for artists. Fisun Guner reports.

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