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Audience Participation

The images below are people interacting with a piece I exhibited ‘No Walking Required’ in Ebbs & Flow as part of my interim show. The work was an audio piece that asked the audience to sit down and listen to […]

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High Spec - Illustration from Middlesex Univerisity Graduates
Event Exhibition

High Spec

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  • Venue:
    Walthamstow Village Window Gallery
  • From:
    February 03, 2017
  • To:
    February 26, 2017
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50 x 50 = 25

50 x 50 =25 international edition exhibition June 9, 2016   I am very happy to announce that 1-2 months ago I was selected to be apart of 50 x 50 = 25 international edition exchange. This exchange will consist […]

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The Alien Bestiary, AirSpace Gallery

I’m now into day four of seven of invigilating the exhibition, and while the week so far has been slow in terms of visitor numbers (I suspect it’s because it’s mid-week, with people at work) it has given me a lot […]

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FloatArt at The Bargehouse

The beginning of my MFA here at Cardiff has felt odd, as it started for me with an exhibition. I missed my first taught week to exhibit at FloatArt. The work I was exhibiting was the work I had developed […]

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From Degree Exhibition to Graduate

The process of installing the degree show was exhausting, as I’m sure it is for all final year students undertaking the same process. The nature of my practice means I can never really start to create the work until installation […]

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I often struggle for a title when writing a new post – but not today – it springs to mind immediately! I have been waking really early recently (like 3am) my mind is wide awake and whirring like crazy. I […]

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Degree show is just the beginning

Invigilating your own degree show is actually quite terrifying. After months of running about the art college in preparation for degree show and installing, sitting down for a long period time gives you the time to realise that this is just […]

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