Having spent 5 years in Fine Art education, proceeding from an Undergraduate studies directly to a Masters Degree, I’ve been taught very little but I have learnt so much.

Storytelling is the backbone of my practice as a Visual Artist. Having grown up with hearing difficulties and a speech impediment I took to writing stories for comfort. I grew up inventing eccentric but believable characters and fantastical settings worthy of the term Utopias (some of them at least).  Through my Fine Art studies (3 years undergraduate at Leeds Met and 2 year MFA at Newcastle) I developed upon these childhood stories to create a world where I could hide. Yet whilst I lost myself in fantasy the truth in reality is that I was suffering from severe anxiety disorders and depression. It was through writing stories that I found my voice. Many years after leaving speech therapy I finally found my true ability to communicate. This developed further when, as a student Artist I chose to create visual representations of the narratives I’d spent years developing. 

Through my fictions I am able to be honest about my feelings and humanise the mental illnesses I find myself suffering from. This blog seeks to act as a record to the development of this vast project in documenting the various stories and subsequent artworks which are my attempt to depict the narratives in question.

I also seek to use this blog as a resource for other young artists or anyone struggling with academic studies. I hope that my experiences can offer some sense of comfort for anyone struggling before a group crit are faced with the prospect of writing their Fine Art Dissertation. Whilst I value the experiences I’ve had as Fine Art graduate I do feel that I was taught very little in Art School. I learnt more from my surroundings in a new and unknown city and fellow peers than from the teaching staff and faculty facilities. So let me take you on a journey into my fictional world through the artworks documented here. I hope you enjoy. 


This installation was developed towards the end of my Undergraduate degree show in 2012. I used the platonic solid of a Dodecahedron as a reoccurring motif in many of my short stories. It represented the contradictions in science between the apparent vastness or smallness of our universe. I adore ambiguity in life and so I adopted this concept into my work. Here I installed the work on Campus at Broadcasting Place, Leeds. 


“Magpies hopped around the graveled courtyard as the wind whispered through the trees. Then it happened, something changed”

    – When the North Wind Sleeps (2012-2014) 

Short excerpt from a piece of fiction which I’ve been developing on and off for a couple of years. I began with a vague plot, list of characters and an initial event that sparked off a dialogue. I didn’t plan an ending or a series of events but rather developed these gradually allowing the characters and events to evolve with me. In turn the story has been influenced by my own experiences. The full story should be finished later this year.