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Week One of StudioBook 2017

First Week of StudioBook 2017   The first week of Mark Devereux Projects’ StudioBook 2017 surpassed my expectations. I arrived in Manchester on Sunday night at Islington Mill, the incredible space that I and two other StudioBook artists are staying […]

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A Q&A with… Maurice Carlin, Clore Visual Artist Fellow

The Salford-based artist Maurice Carlin hopes to use his time as the first-ever Clore Visual Artist Fellow to, among other things, “change perceptions… of what it means to be an artist”. He shares his thoughts on the fellowship, its personal and wider significance, and why artists – and the artist-led sector in particular – need to recognise the importance of good leadership.

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Person Spec Shed

For the past few weeks I have been focusing on writing the person specification for the upcoming residency in Tampere, Finland that is taking longer to pull together than expected. To research how to structure the residency call out I […]

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